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From the church newsletter . . .

     First of all, I want to thank everyone for their kindness and patience as I slowly recover from surgery. As many of you know, I had surgery to remove a non-cancerous tumor from my lower left leg and foot in early October. When the doctors went in to remove the tumor, it was discovered that the tumor was much larger than originally thought. The entire tumor was removed, but ligaments were cut in the process and so the recovery time is much longer that we expected. I will be on crutches for several more weeks, and it will be the spring before I am able to walk normally again.
     As you can imagine, I have been saddened and frustrated with this extended time of pain and limited mobility. I haven’t been able to do many of the things I love, let alone follow through with my general commitments. From working to serve as your pastor, to my duties as a mother, I simply can’t get my jobs done. Everyone has had to adapt to my new very limited mobility and it has been a strain for me and for my family.
     I can’t thank this church enough for all the love and kindness you have shown me. First of all the cards; it is such a joy to have kind words from you in the mail. I have saved them all and read them when I am feeling down. Second the food; you have kept my family and I well fed with several weeks of delicious dinners. Thank you for taking care of me. Last but not least, your patience. If I can’t meet you in the office, you have been content to phone. You have understood how difficult it is for me to get out of the house and let me work from home a few days a week. You have patiently let me sit through worship so that I can still offer leadership. I am so grateful for all the love and care you have shown me at this difficult time.
     This month, we are talking Stewardship and the theme for this year is “Investing in the Family of Faith.” I am so thankful for this church family and the love you show each other and me. I can’t think of a better way to honor our God then by investing in this faith community. When we pool our resources we not only support each other through the life of this church, we also extend our reach of love beyond these walls with mission in our community. This month, I hope you join me, in making a pledge to the life of this church community.  
     Once again, thank you for being the wonderful church that you are. I love you, and I am so glad God called me to Warrensburg to be your pastor. See you in church!

                                                With Love, Pastor Heather

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Ruth 3:1-5, 4:13-17

"The Family of Hospitality
and Fidelity"